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    The fucking fact you decided to randomly re-enter my fucking life. And reminisce over us and everything we shared. And I didn’t believe you felt anything until you sent me a picture of a gift I gave you last year as if proof that you still thought of me. And then I decided to admit to you that I missed you. And then your response. Your fucking response; the one that said “you need to get over me.” 

    It kills me to think you have someone else wrapped in your arms to fall asleep with. I hate thinking if she notices your long eyelashes while you sleep until the early afternoon. I wonder if she notices your sad attempt to match your clothes or your abnormally dry skin or how game center can get your undivided attention. I wonder if you tell her about Grace Kelly and facts that a normal person wouldn’t know. I wonder if she makes your bed or knows that you’re a momma’s boy. I wonder what she knows that I don’t. That’s what I hate, the unanswered questions. 

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  4. I am genuinely sad. Full-heartedly, mind-achingly sad. No matter how many people or activities or conversations I fill my day with, they can’t mask my loneliness.

    I have learned the most powerful action against sadness is a voice and a smile. So what happens when it turns into the early hours of the morning? I have no one to talk to or smile at; my thoughts haunt me. The millions of sad thoughts that I have blocked out come running in to consume my mind. I think about you and how you are not the same.

    It’s kind of funny, though. When we were together, I used to gather all of my negative thoughts of you and write them off as reasons why we shouldn’t be together. Now that we’re apart, I think of all of the reasons why we should be together. 

    I wish I knew how to get over someone they way you got over me. I don’t get how you feel no pain. I don’t get how you’re already in love with someone else. God, that’s the most awful feeling in the world: to be in love with someone who once loved you but no longer does. To be replaced. To be ignored. To be shut out. Love is so fucking cruel. 

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    I’m actually crying right now: dogs are beautiful and precious and loyal and happy and your dog loves you so much.  Such a good dog.  

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    imagine how radical being a pet fish is like youre just swimming around and suddenly it starts raining food

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    Was there a hit on the previous shift that sort of shook you up a bit? It seemed like you were slow skating to the bench before that.

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